Research on theater used in science outreach

Do you regret helping Vilde Virus trick Elena Syntena into producing new viruses?

Drama and theater in the teaching of school curricula have been established, while we use the method in disseminating research produced at University of Bergen (UiB). It is UiB’s social responsibility to make research production available to the unskilled as well as to our peers. That goes In particular for information that is able to prevent cancer and lifestyle diseases in the population. Information at university level must therefore be communicated in a way that can be intuitively understood without a biomedical background.

Personalization of cells, virus and bacteria makes biological mechanisms available to anyone who has experience with human relationships. In the end we all have similar needs – whether you are a human or an intestinal cell – we want to survive. The audience gets to try out in the roles of different cells and can personally experience conflicts between cells.

We plan to document the effect of theatre as a tool in science outreach / dissemination, and propose to use the suggested work related to the performance, with consent from the parents.